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Decorative Painter

Pareicia Gelman



I'm Patricia Gelman, born in Paris and live in Israel more than 40 years. 

I have been designing and renovating furniture for years, and creating canvas-based pictures with  unique concepts.


I bring old and new piece of furniture a customization with unique textures and paint.

I use combinations of many styles and my projects are made of different and changing materials. 

The use of different techniques and integrated media gives each piece its own surprising story. 

I love to play with colors and materials like Perspex, prints, old newspapers, gold leaves, feathers and more.

The combination between the urban environment and the old Baroque period creates perfect harmony and a unique charm for my works.

Some of the works have a frame of 2 or even 3 dimensions that provide a sense of depth and an endless story.

Sometimes I even add my own picturesque elements to add extra depth.

My Parisian background, French style and my combination with the Mediterranean style create together an innovative avant-garde concept of art…

My works (paintings and restored furniture) are on sale in my Tel Aviv Workshop.


For over 40 years, I manage projects with the skills and professionalism that my clients expect.

I worked in collaboration with renowned architects such as the famous Ilan Pivko and I am always delighted to continue in this kind of adventure !

Also, at my workshop, I propose collective or individual courses.

Don’t hesitate to contact me for more.

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