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קולאז' - פטריסיה גלמן



Collage & Art

 פטריסיה גלמן


My name is Patricia Gelman, a mixed-media collage artist from Paris. Since arriving in Israel at the age of 18, I have been engaged in artistic creation using a variety of techniques. My studies in Italy provided me with extensive knowledge of traditional 18th-century painting, using pigments and gold leaf. I applied these unique traditional techniques for many years in artistically designing furniture. In recent years, I have focused on creating mixed-media collages. Today, I work in my studio in Ramat Gan, surrounded by inspiration and unique materials that encourage free creation and personal expression.

I invite you to join my mixed media collage workshops in my studio, where you can learn my unique technique and create your own works—pieces that reflect memories, emotions, and an inner world, using various methods and special materials.
Registration for the workshops is open to anyone interested in exploring the world of college and developing their creativity. No prior knowledge or artistic experience is necessary.

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